• 03.06.2014


    5 kW Hydrogen Fuel Cell Delivered

    Clean Energy Solutions by ELFON is pleased to announce that on May 12, 2014 it delivered to the Municipality of Heracleion, Crete, Greece a 5 kW Portable Hydrogen Fuel Cell. The scope of the project was to provide an instrument for demonstrating hydrogen technologies to the citizens of Heracleion. The fuel cell will be used as an auxiliary power unit for powering home appliances, and even charging an electric Smart car. Home base to the device will be the 6th Technical Senior High School, where the fuel cell will take a place as a laboratory device. From there, it is intended to expedite to various demonstration events throughout Greece.

    The system comprises a 5 kW PEM stack, two 3.000 Nlit Metal Hydride tanks, a 5 kW inverter with a 230 VAC, 50 Hz output, a microprocessor-based controller, and a tablet device for remote monitoring of system functions. It includes a water heating circuit for recovering the heat generated by the stack and utilizing it in hydrogen desorbtion. The system also features compact design that allows it to fit in the trunk of a Smart car and be truly portable.

    For more information: Nicholas J. Yannoulakis, n.yannoulakis@elfon.gr, +30 210 603 7020


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