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Do not throw away your batteries!

Regenerate and earn up to twice of their life!



All batteries during their normal charging / discharging gradually accumulate on the plates / electrodes, sulfate crystals, a process that becomes stronger after 3-4 years, as a result:

  • Reduction of battery life.
  • Reduction of battery capacity.
  • Need to recharge during the day.
  • Increase the cost of daily charging.
  • High replacement cost for old batteries.



  • Removal of excessive sulphate.
  • Increase of battery life.
  • Controlled charge / discharge combination.
  • Analytic report.
  • Application to all types of lead acid batteries: TRACTION, SEMI-TRACTION, GEL, Starter (car / truck) etc.
  • Time warranty under conditions commensurate with the battery delivery status.
  • Increase the lifetime of the batteries.
  • Keep the batteries, over 85% of their power throughout their lifetime.
  • Strong ecological behavior and ecological imprint.
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